Tele-remote Control Data Solo and Solomatic for BHPB

This project in particular presented us with many new challenges due to the client requirements, some of which were:

  • The ability for the machines to be operated wirelessly from any location within the mine site infrastructure.
  • The control systems to incorporate the existing Sandvik GUI control panel.
  • The operator to have multiple views of the machine which could be pan tilted and zoomed as required.

To achieve these requests we used various technologies such as fiber optic control stations which were integrated into the existing network and a number of radios operating at specific frequencies were also utilised.  We designed and manufactured our video transmission system as part of the package also.

The final product we are proud to say has been operating on site for quite some time now and is relied upon heavily for the everyday operation of the mine.


DL420 Long Hole Drill Rig

Complete the Auto Electrical component of a full OEM spec drill rebuild.

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