Tele-remote Control Sandvik Titon 600 Drill Rig via Radio Control for Mount Isa Mines - Qld

A Sandvik Titon 600 surface drill rig was enabled to operate via wireless remote rather than from the actual drill cabin itself and to have the capability to operate from various locations and distances.

We achieved this by building a purpose built trailer mounted operator cabin which combined comfort, safety and ample mobility.  The cabin has the capability of operating the drill anywhere from 50 metres to 2 kilometeres away.  This allows the operator to work in a safe and secure location rather than in a dangerous space where the drill may have to operate.

To duplicate the functionality of the machine we used our own joysticks, PLC modules and we specifically designed and manufactured the hydraulic manifold.  This system works off two primary radios of 900MHz and 5.7Ghz.

The smooth operation of the machine is achieved by marrying the electronic and hydraulic controls with multiple pan-tilt and zoom camera systems mounted strategically on various locations on the machine.

In our opinion the operator can view the drilling process far better than sitting in the actual cabin while most importantly maintaining operator safety.


DL420 Long Hole Drill Rig

Complete the Auto Electrical component of a full OEM spec drill rebuild.

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