Toyota Hilux 4x4 Single Cab Utility

Client: Mining Company - Ireland
Machine: Toyota Hilux 4x4 Single Cab Utility
Scope: Convert vehicle to Dual Control Remote & Manual

Work Included: 

  • Modification of Steering System
  • Modification of Transmission Control System
  • Modification of Braking System
  • Installation of Electrical Interface & Associated Wiring Harnesses
  • Installation of Remote Control Receiver

In Summary:

This Project presented us with a multitude of challenges previously not encountered & of which were difficult to overcome; such things as the steering control & transmission control.   Some of the other difficulties were in finding spaces to house the various components in such a tight space.   Because of this we had to design & manufacture many of the components on this project from scratch.

To our knowledge, dual control of a 4x4 passenger vehicle has never been achieved before. Similar vehicles have been converted to Remote Control but not with ‘Dual Control Capability’.

Initially we were engaged to commission 1 vehicle but due to the success of the project, we build a 2nd vehicle & to date now have 2 of these vehicles working successfully at this Mine Site in Ireland.

The Project was Delivered on time & to budget.


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